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Corey Habbas

Corey Habbas

Blaine, MN


I am excited to announce that my art is now represented online by Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. A big thank you to Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu, and his staff for choosing to represent me! My available originals that you see on FAA are available for purchase via Xanadu where stated in the painting's description.

As an acrylic painter, using an expressive style, I begin with a feeling or a principle based on a collective human experience. Then, my goal is to synthesize this idea into an inspired work that often combines history, politics, psychology or spirituality into a final painting. This process is a creative catharsis during which I will work for days, or weeks on a painting. I see the final painting as a cultural contribution of my individual voice different, challenging and exerting a soul-driven force through the subtlety of aesthetics. After I finish each painting, it is as if a small, but demanding, journey has been completed. With the paintings that result, my body of work often champions victims, indicts through subversion, highlights the value of dissent and forges commitment to human unity within the context of equality, despite any differences.

I intend to work in an expressive style that is tactile, spontaneous and to create a language of feeling around these ideas. My continually evolving style will stay true to the premise that my art is a language of emotional and psychological discovery, rooted in synthesizing intuition. My body of work will explore both physical and psychological barriers that prevent people from seeing the humanity in others, thereby highlighting the value in each and every one of us.

Throughout my life I have been influenced by symbolists such as Marc Chagall and Frida Kahlo, abstract expressionists like Arshile Gorky, as well as influences like Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.
As an artist, I primarily work in acrylic paints and am based in Blaine, Minnesota.


How We Were After the Storm by Corey Habbas


The Wish of a Drowning Man by Corey Habbas


The Progression of Despair by Corey Habbas


A Type of Opioid Crisis by Corey Habbas


Coalmine Canary by Corey Habbas


Self Iconography Exploration by Corey Habbas


Study for The Accident by Corey Habbas


Masquerading Joy over Sorrow by Corey Habbas


African Violets by Corey Habbas


Just In Time by Corey Habbas


Night Out at Sea by Corey Habbas


Eruption of a Wish at the Fire Ceremony by Corey Habbas


The Courage to Arive in Winter by Corey Habbas


Courage to Stay in Winter by Corey Habbas


A Type of Dandelion by Corey Habbas


Life After LIfe #2 by Corey Habbas


Life After Life by Corey Habbas


Winter Tree Crowned by Hope by Corey Habbas


Stare of a Crow at Night by Corey Habbas


Light Through a Fog by Corey Habbas


Intention by Corey Habbas


A Sailboat for the Mind #2 by Corey Habbas


Taking Attendance Over the Apartheid Wall at Baia Mare by Corey Habbas


Magical Night at the Cabin by Corey Habbas


The Evening of a Ready-Wish Upon a Parisian High Point by Corey Habbas


Fortune's Bait by Corey Habbas


Stone Roses in Terracotta Vase by Corey Habbas


Container of the Winds by Corey Habbas


Your Cup of Tea by Corey Habbas


Foreshadowing of a Twister Storm on the Wish-Farm by Corey Habbas


One Fortunate Cookie by Corey Habbas


Deeply Rooted Peaceful Connections by Corey Habbas


Harvest Moon on the Wish-Farm by Corey Habbas


A Bouquet of Fortune Always Had a Wish by Corey Habbas


Winter Dandelion as Silent Ceremonial Rattle of the Spirit by Corey Habbas


Dandelion from a Wishbrush Tree Into Space by Corey Habbas


Wishing Through Wormholes by Corey Habbas


Portrait of Dandelion as Singularity and the Schwarzschild Flyers by Corey Habbas


Mild Night Winds Blowing a Wish Under A Bridge by Corey Habbas


Schwarzschild Radius of a Dandelion Wish by Corey Habbas


Plucking a Seven-Petal Flower by Corey Habbas


Olives Behind A Wall by Corey Habbas


Hummus Behind a Wall by Corey Habbas


The Gathering by Corey Habbas


Impression of a Key from the Dispossessed by Corey Habbas


Stationary Eviction by Corey Habbas


He Was Here Now But Still Recovering from Back Home by Corey Habbas


Alone with the Last Remaining Flowers by Corey Habbas